Blessed Evangelical Mary

by Anchor
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For behold, from now on, all generations will call me blessed. (Luke 1:48)Of the myriad of changes that have taken place in theWestern Church since the dawn of the Reformation, few have been as complete orpolarizing as the definitive view of Mary.  In fact, one could make the case that Protestants view ofMary is at times more focused on being non-Catholic than it is a true biblicalunderstanding of this amazing woman who was chosen by God to bear His son.So, how should Evangelicalsunderstand, represent and revere Mary?  The author encourages retrieval of the five explicit aspects of Mary\'s calling and ministry:Daughter of IsraelVirgin mother of JesusTheotokos (Mother of God)Handmaiden of the WordMother of the churchIs it possible that evangelicals\' too frequent silence about Mary is prejudicial to their full relationship with Jesus Christ?