Black Blood (Children Of The Blood Moon #3) (Jan 2019)

by Anchor
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Book #3

Author: S.D. Grimm Destiny made a mistake

Everyone told Jayden she was the prophesied Deliverer sent to rescue Soleden. But when the time came to defeat her nemesis, she failed. Now the Mistress\'s power spreads through the land, strangling all of creation to make way for a world she\'s fashioning herself.

With every moment, the Mistress gains more strength, and Jayden realizes she was never meant to defeat her alone. She\'s one of four Deliverers, after all. But if they are caught, the Mistress will use them to gain the Creator\'s power. And one of the Deliverers has gone missing and might already be in the camp of the enemy.

Can Jayden reunite the Deliverers before it\'s too late? Or will she fail the world another time?