Biblical Greek Vocabulary In Context

by Anchor
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his vocabulary guide is helps students retain the most common Greek words found in the Greek New Testament.Biblical Greek Vocabulary in Context by Miles V. Van Pelt is designed to reinforce a student\'s basic Greek vocabulary by presenting words that occur twenty-five times or more in the context of the Greek New Testament.Miles Van Pelt collates all 513 of these Greek words into approximately 200 key biblical verses and/or verse fragments to help students practice reading them in their literary context and thus improve their Greek vocabulary retention. Rather than rote memorization, Van Pelt\'s approach teaches word meaning through each word\'s naturally occurring context--the way people naturally learn languages.The book includes two primary sections:The first section provides room for students to write their own glosses of the biblical verse and to parse as they feel necessary. An English translation is also provided, and any term that appears less than twenty-five times is glossed. Proper names are identified with gray text.The second section of the book provides the same biblical verses from the first section but with minimal room to write glosses and parse and without an English translation for aid. The end of the book includes a Greek-English lexicon of all the words occurring twenty-five times or more in the Greek New Testament.