Bible: Story Of The King James Version 1611-2011

by Anchor
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With the 400th anniversary of the King James Version (KJV) on the horizon, expect to see a cloud of dust rising from the march of all things commemorative. As Campbell, professor of Renaissance studies at Leicester University and coauthor of John Milton: Life, Work, and Thought, observes, the KJV \is the most celebrated book in the English-speaking world.\ Campbell\'s book is an erudite companion to a new release of the KJV that hews as closely to its 1611 progenitor as possible. Packed with information as minute as the genealogy of the king\'s printer and history of his printing house, it\'s tough to read on its own, despite the author\'s occasional wry asides. Yet as a resource detailing all aspects of the development and production of the KJV, this is a fine book. Readers will appreciate the discussion of original illustrations (some are reproduced here) and the recital of hilarious typos that plagued early editions. The subject of the KJV\'s influence on Christianity in American history, addressed toward the book\'s end, is unfortunately mired in excessive detail.