Bible-In-Life Summer 2018: Middle School Teacher's Guide

by Anchor
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The lessons contain step-by-step instructions to help teachers prepare and teach, with a teacher devotional, Bible background, tips for teaching middle schoolers, and a variety of activities to help students learn and apply the Bible lesson. Each of the 13 weekly lessons outlines how to use the Creative Teaching Aids and The Rock student piece. Order 1 per teacher.
Features the easy four-step lesson plan:
Connecting with God\'s Word: an intro step to get kids engaged with the topic of the week
Studying God\'s Word: the Bible study step where kids will read the week\'s Bible passage, answer questions, and discuss
Interacting with God\'s Word: the teacher has three choices for activities that will help kids explore the Bible lesson in-class
Applying God\'s Word: application step to help kids take ownership of putting into practice that week\'s Bible principle