Bible-In-Life/Reformation Press Summer 2018: Adult Comprehensive Bible Study Large Print Student Book

by Anchor
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Comprehensive Bible Study in Large Print: all the material found in CBS in large, easy-to-read print.

David C. Cook Bible-in-Life (BIL) adult curriculum is a weekly Bible study that covers in a sequence all of the main books and themes of the Bible. Resources include Adult Teacher\'s Guide, Comprehensive Bible Study student book in regular and large-print editions, the Teacher\'s Resource Kit with full-color Bible maps and posters, The Quiet Hour daily devotional, and the Power for Living weekly magazine with stories of modern Christians serving the Lord. We include both the KJV and NIV Scriptures for comparison, a special teacher\'s devotional, and ways to relate Scripture directly to your adults\' daily lives.

Starting this Fall, adult BIL products with follow the time-honored International Sunday Schools Lessons series used by many denominations.