Beyond The Storm (Mar 2019)

by Anchor
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Author and inspirational leader Debra B. Morton reveals the secret to surviving and even thriving in the midst of setbacks and painful circumstances.When hardships arise or tragedy strikes, it doesn\'t matter who you are; it hurts. How do you find your way to hope and purpose once again?A native of New Orleans, Debra B. Morton reminded those struggling after Hurricane Katrina that \God hasn\'t forgotten about you.\ She knew this from personal experience. After facing the death of her granddaughter, Debra had to learn how to live as a victor, not a victim. The trials we face are often the means for showing us our purpose. Beyond the Storm reveals how.Morton shares the steps that have helped her and many others recover from the storms that threaten to overwhelm them. She identifies the key differences between people who are determined to survive and those who are apt to give up. Knowing how to respond effectively and maintaining a positive mindset are integral to overcoming such adversity. Beyond the Storm is a much-needed handbook for flourishing after the devastating effects of life\'s blows.