Beyond The Stained Glass Ceiling

by Anchor
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Insight, empowerment, and inspiration for women inthepastorate.

- Provides data and insight from results of a nationalsurveyof female clergy
- Shares lessons learned and best practices from women insoloor senior pastorates
- Offers guidance for overcoming the challenges ofbreakingthrough the stained glass ceiling

The reality of a stained glass ceiling is familiar tomostwomen called to the pastorate. Despite being more likely tobeseminary educated, female clergy constitute less than 10 percentofProtestant leading pastorates?and those who do hold suchpastoratesare generally paid less than their male counterparts. Inlight ofsuch statistics, Pastor Chris Smith explores how toovercome thechallenges in breaking through the stained glassceiling?and shegoes a step further. She shares the lessons learnedand bestpractices of the success stories?those women who arecurrentlyserving in solo or senior pastorates. Based on a nationalsurvey offemale clergy, this volume is rich in insights based ondata aswell as personal anecdotes?insights that will empower notonlywomen called to the pastorate but also their male colleaguesanddenominational leaders who want to support them.