Beyond The Clutter

by Anchor
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The message of the book is multilayered. It draws from the author\'s training and experience as a teacher, family therapist, and family man to formulate conclusions based on both theological and psychological truth as it relates to the author\'s own story of moving from the clutter of legalism in Christian religion to a faith walk with Jesus. It is described as a paradigm shift from that of \'Right vs. Wrong\' as introduced by the deceiver in the Garden of Eden, to that of \'Truth and Grace\' as introduced by Jesus (John 1). Hence, the primary message of hope. Beyond that, the author suggests that issues Christians deal with such as a negative self-image and its compensating arrogance may well be fuelled by a doctrinal base that encourages performance and legalism. Hence there is a call to Christians for Bible study to re-affirm a personal Biblical doctrinal base, rather than accept an unexamined one by default. Underlying the above is the author\'s belief that deep meaningful relationship can be experienced when God opens the heart, allowing for faith in a loving sovereign God who works in all of life\'s circumstances to move us toward personal authenticity - the original design he had in mind when he created us.