Better Together: Connecting With God & Others

by Anchor
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The church is so much more than just programs—it’s the people that make up the body of Christ. Have you ever wondered, \How do I fit into God’s plan for the church?\ Better Together is here to help you recognize your God-given gifts, see how you can use those gifts, and in doing so, connect with God in a deeper, more meaningful way.This six session Bible study, focused on Ephesians 4:12, will help you develop a greater understanding of how you are uniquely created and called to serve.Through study and discussion, these sessions will help you and your small group: Understand your gifts and calling, Identify opportunities to serve that fit those gifts, Connect with God in new ways as you better understand God’s unique plan for your life, And create action steps to help you live out your purpose.This interactive study will give you the chance to learn from others, cultivate your gifts and passion and be ready to make a difference in your own church.