Better Than My Dreams

by Anchor
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The story of everywoman\'s emotional and spiritual journey, helping her release stored up false hopes and preconceived notions by replacing them with the wonderful reality God is weaving into her life.Every morning we face the day with a set of expectations about how things will or should be.  Author Paula Rinehart says, \The oddest part about our mental images is that we don\'t know they are there until the video of our lives plays out in a different fashion.\ Offering a radical shift in perspective, Paula guides readers to a fresh discovery that the story of our lives may look vastly different than what we anticipated-but that it\'s a good thing.Better Than My Dreams charts a course that enables a woman to jettison her old baggage and to discover that what God is creating might be better than she ever dreamed for herself, where fellowship with Christ, rather than fulfillment of dreams, is the real prize. This deeper awareness, that God knows what He\'s doing with our lives, allows us to truly let go and enjoy the trip as we learn to live, love, and embrace whatever comes.Better Than My Dreams helps women:face their fear of disappointmentdeal with life\'s disturbing interruptionsown their own stufffind the freedom to love difficult people