Better Covenant

by Anchor
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Remove Roadblocks to Healing

Why doesn\'t divine healing always come? What hindrances prevent the healing power of God from flowing in believers\' lives?

In this book, Kenneth E.Hagin reveals secrets from the Scriptures that unlock the blessings of divine healing. He says, \The road to divine healing is seldom an expressway. More often than not it is strewn with roadblocks placed in our way by the devil to keep God\'s people from the blessings of health that God has provided.\

Rev. Hagin begins by taking a look at seven common misconceptions that block healing. He then cites areas of disobedience in the lives of Christians that can open the door to the devil. Finally, he reveals an important recipe for life and health from the Word of God.

By removing hindrances to healing and by following the scriptural principles outlined in this book, the believer will hold the key to divine health.