Better Builders Community People

by EDResources
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Better Builderså¨ Career People and Community Peoplesets feature the magnetic fun of the original ball androd with colorful faces, uniforms, and personalities!With four characters in each set, the Better Builderså¨People combine multiple facets of play-- color, matching, construction, and dramatic play, as they coordinate with all original Better Builderså¨ sets (see pages 8 and 9). Create a Better Builderså¨ world; construct buildings for the Community People, tell stories with the Career People, and learn about the roles they play in our communities. The Better Builderså¨ Career People include an astronaut, doctor, farmer, and chef, and the Community People include a police officer, fire fighter, construction worker, and mail carrier. Each set includes a red, yellow, blue, and green ball and rod body. For ages 2+. Each measure approximately 3"W x 1.75"D x 7"H.