Believe: Seasonal Prayer Books (Set Of 12)

by Anchor
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Twelve seasonal prayer booklets for every month of the year. Includes encouraging reflections to inspire you every day of the month and start off each day right. All months are unique with their own sentiment on the front cover along with seasonal decorations.

January; Do everything you can...then leave the rest to God.
February; Remember, you are in His arms today...and every day.
March; Some people, like angels, leave a hint of heaven wherever they go.
April; God cares about the big things, the small things, and all things in your life.
May; If you want to know what heaven looks like, make someone smile.
June; A prayer is the shortest distance between your question and God\'s answer.
July; When doubt knocks at the door, let faith answer.
August; God is every where...even at your wits end.
September; Don\'t worry don\'t fret...God will work thing out yet.
October; God adores the sound of your voice, talk to him often.
November; Take a little time every day to be thankful.
December; God still works miracles...every day.