Being Joseph

by Anchor
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Have you ever felt betrayed by a family member? Have you ever needed even a glimpse of hope to help you through a tough situation? In the Old Testament, we read that Joseph was thrown into a pit and then sold by his own brothers. This great betrayal left him feeling alone and in despair. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of his troubles.

\Being Joseph\ takes a closer, pastoral perspective on perseverance through hardships, the value of forgiveness even when it\'s near impossible, and the redemptive hope of reconciliation. Joseph\'s story expands on dreams, slavery, seduction, imprisonment, and the restoration of a family. In the worst moments of Joseph\'s life, we can see that God never left his side. The lessons we can learn from this book can help enrich our daily lives in this difficult world today.

All ages will benefit from this captivating commentary on a real family, just like yours.