Being At Ease

by Anchor
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Thinking is a gift from God. God thinks without a brain but with a mind that has no equal. We think with a brain and develop a mind of thought that will think forever. Scientific evidence is now clear and documented that there is a difference between the brain and the mind. Thinking has eternal consequences as well as an eternal continuum. Thinking straight in a crooked world is our current challenge and present opportunity.

A major paradigm shift occurred in the thinking of Jim Hylton fifty years ago when a spiritual awakening occurred in his life and the church where he served. As a student eager to know more, he has continued that quest for the knowledge of God. A new awakening has occurred in Him. With energy far beyond his years and insights that are timeless, he has explored the thoughts of God for being at ease in our tense, stressful culture.

God\'s answer for straightening crooked thinking is clearly documented. Using scripture as the plumb line of truth for all thought, using understanding from some of the greatest Christians minds, he has skillfully woven the insights of doctors, physicists, and scientists into God\'s offer to share His thoughts with everyone. The documentation includes the fact that the thoughts of God are already encoded in our cells as proven by science. Waiting for our awakening are the neurons or brain cells to agree with the thoughts found in the mind of God.

This book offers both hope and help for the thinking crisis so apparent in our world. That thinking crisis contributes to the health crisis of America. The central premise of the book is being at ease with God, ourselves and others leads to less disease. That truth is captured in the title BEING AT EASE and further explained in the subtitle, THINKING WITH EASE – LESSENING DISEASE.