Behind The Mask Of Religious Traditions

by Anchor
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SUBTITLE: Your Guide to Discovering and Destroying Sacred Cows
What is a Sacred Cow?

\A sacred cow is any program, custom, tradition, or religious function that has evolved from its original purpose of serving to demanding to be served—creating an animal so deformed that it can\'t be dealt with, but must be destroyed.\

So writes author Mark Briggs as he light-heartedly addresses serious \cow\ issues in our lives. Behind the Mask of Religious Traditions exposes the ugliness of dead rituals and reveals the beauty of true, living worship.

Removing the masks will:

Expose sacred cows.
Create a passion for true worship.
Identify the Father as the Shepard.
Guide you through the sacred cow prevention process.
As you destroy the religious cows in your life, you will find yourself grazing with the Shepard in lush green pastures beside a refreshing flowing stream of living water.