Beginning: Prelude To The Apocalypse

by Anchor
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Is the end of the age closer than we think? Are the two witnesses in Revelation 12 alive today? How would they deliver their message and what would it be?
The Beginning is the story of Enoch, taken by God in Genesis, sent back to prepare the world for the second coming. God\'s Spirit of Wisdom teaches him his mission of revelation. He is given secret mysteries of the Godhead as a sign to the world. Enoch realizes he has a decision to make. Will he accept his mission to reveal to the world God\'s mysterious ways or reject God\'s call for his life?

As Satan tested Christ in the wilderness, so must Enoch be tested. He must decide by faith which option he will choose. If he accepts God\'s calling, he knows he must testify of the end of the world and prepare for his own death. Set in New Orleans, The Beginning is a mind and faith challenging story that intermingles science, true historical events, and mystery with Biblical truths.