Before You Get Engaged

by Anchor
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Helps couples who are thinking about getting engaged know if they are ready to offer or accept a marriage proposal. In Before You Get Engaged, authors David Gudgel, his son Brent, and Brent\'s girlfriend Danielle interact in a discussion that not only reveals twelve relational indicators indispensable to a healthy, lasting marriage, but fleshes them out with dialogue and insight straight from Brent and Danielle\'s journals. Designed to help daters know if engagement is truly the best next step in their relationship, the book is divided into four sections: Part 1: Are You Sure You\'re Ready? Part 2: Do You Make a Good Couple? Part 3: What Do Others Think? Part 4: Now What Should You Do? Before You Get Engaged will help readers know if they are ready to ask the all important question, if they should date a little longer, or end the relationship and move on.