Becoming The Church God Has In Mind-Part 1 CD

by Anchor
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Part 1 Whatever church means to you, church done God's way is much more than a building, a wedding location, or a Sunday napping experience. Church done God's way raises the heartbeat and engages the whole person in a dynamic and meaningful experience that shapes all of life. This is the kind of church we want to build together - a thriving, living, breathing body of believers known as the A2 Church. Part 1 covers: 1. Introducing the A2 Church 2. Becoming the Church God Has in Mind 3. The Significance of the A2 Church 4. Undeniable Characteristics of A2 Chruch Builders Contents Include: - 4 Audio CDs - 1 Data CD (Includes complete speaker notes [MS Word & PDF] and sermon slides [MS PowerPoint & PDF])