Becoming A Woman Of Influence

by Anchor
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Discover principles for building solid relationships through simple steps to mentoring. Learn to impact others Jesus’ way.
Jesus’ twelve disciples changed the world forever.

Wouldn’t you like to have a similar impact on others? But how do we accomplish this as human, imperfect people? How can we mentor others in a life-changing and even world-changing way?

With Carol Kent’s help, discover the power you have in Christ to influence others like Jesus did.

Learn seven simple, life-changing principles Jesus used to disciple His followers—such as asking questions, extending unconditional love, and telling stories. Through practical examples, see how your struggles and triumphs can inspire others. Whether you’re an “ordinary” Christian or a trained leader, prepare to live intentionally and become a valued mentor who leaves an eternal mark. Includes \Impact Questions\ for personal reflection or discussion.