Becoming A Millionare Gods Way V2

by Anchor
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God has a plan for us to be prosperous so that His will can be done on earth as it is in heaven. How else can we accomplish God\'s will without the resources to do so? In Becoming a Millionaire God\'s Way Part II, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson shows us that when we are willing to do things God\'s way, the blessings of the Lord will shine upon us, and we will become a blessing unto others. He wants us to be wise in learning how the world system works for the purpose of bringing wealth into the Kingdom to accomplish His work. This book will: - Help you understand why God placed four rivers in the garden and their profound effect on our health, wealth and ability to redeem time. - Allow you to gain the understanding of God\'s storehouse, the church body, and the power of unity. - Teach you about first fruits, last fruits, and no fruit