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Growing up in sisters in a large family in Inglewood, California, Erica and Tina Campbell first sang publicly in the local church choir and received their first break in 1998 with a song on the Prince of Egypt soundtrack. Now, they are three-time Grammy winners--their most recent being their 2009 win was for Best Gospel Performance for their hit single, \Get Up.\ They are also Dove, Stellar, MOBO, and American Music Award winners. Their group name was inspired by the two Marys in the Bible--Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, a \loose\ woman. Mary Mary wants their duo name to communicat that God\'s love is extended to all. This R&B, urban gospel duo performs for audiences of thousands across the country.
Mary Mary wants to encourage young women to discover the true beauty that lies within by encouraging an awareness of natural beauty and a celebration of inner uniqueness. Professing their faith in God, the sisters of Mary Mary believe in the strength of family and the joy of being a woman.