Be Thou Prepared: Equipping The Church For Persecution And Times Of Trouble

by Anchor
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The world is not safe. Terrorist attacks are on the rise and ever-threatening. Natural disasters are happening with increased impact and intensity. Christians are being targeted and persecuted in America. It\'s time for the church to step up and be prepared for trials and tribulation to come.
How did the early church deal with disaster and persecution?
What does the Bible say about being prepared for disasters?
Should Christians protect themselves with firearms?
Should we stockpile supplies?
How should we be prepared for the possibility of a coming economic collapse, an electro magnetic pulse (EMP) attack, or a potentially looming World War III?
What are Christians to do in the face of growing persecution?
How can we be an effective witness in times of distress?
Be Thou Prepared warns of the imminent Christian persecution coming to the United States and explains the role of faith in times of trouble. Be Thou Prepared is the first book to deal with spiritual and practical readiness for what\'s bound to come - sooner or later. While acknowledging true hope lies in faith and reliance on God in the face of disaster and persecution, Be Thou Prepared also makes the biblical case for preparedness for all types of situations - not as an option but as a spiritual imperative.

Full of practical advice on maintaining necessary medical supplies, storing food, arranging for temporary shelters, and more, Be Thou Prepared equips Christians and Christian leaders to understand they best way they can prepare themselves and their congregations so as not to be caught off guard but to be ready to help those in need when evil comes to their door.