Be Strong And Take Courage

by Anchor
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This book is intended to uplift and encourage the reader. It is meant to show God\'s unfailing love for His children and the great courage and strength He imparts to each one of us as we serve Him in these last days. With everything that is happening today-natural disasters all over the world, wars and uprisings, threats of terrorist attacks, nuclear and bio-warfare threats, and the economic crisis as it travels across the globe-I believe God wants His children to know that He is with us. He will protect us and we have nothing to fear. I believe that we can be as bold as lions because we serve a great and mighty God who cannot be defeated, no matter how perilous the times. Bio: Ruth resides in Toronto and works as an administrative assistant in the healthcare field. She has an acquired family: soon-to-be husband William Somers, his two children Corina and Billy, and daughter-in-law Amy. Corina has brought two precious grandchildren into her life, Nathanael and Tristyn. Ruth intends to pursue a full-time career as a Christian writer and encourager.