Be Healed In Jesus Name

by Anchor
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God¿s Healing Is For You!

Have you ever wondered, \Does God want to heal me?\ You, like many other people, may believe that God has the power to heal but are unsure if He wants to heal everyone. The truth is, God is our loving Father Who wants us well! He wants us to receive healing-all of us. Yes, He does want to heal you-totally and completely.

In this small but dynamic book, bestselling author Joyce Meyer presents a clear, concise explanation of the basics of biblical teaching concerning God¿s will to heal. She includes foundational Scriptures on healing and teaches how to apply them to specific needs. She also presents the truth of God¿s Word in light of commonly held misconceptions about sickness to show you how to receive all that God has for you.

Be Healed in Jesus\' Name!