Battle, The

by Anchor
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You may be in crisis as you think about reading this book. Many who follow Christ, or who want to, have a hard time surviving life as they know it. They want answers to \Why?\ and \How long?\ and are asking questions about pain, sickness, rejection, lost love, and the darkness and shadows plaguing them. Does God have an answer to the battle of life? \SURVIVING\ is the beginning word of every chapter of this book. If you want to know what the Bible says about surviving brokenness, slander, the uncertainties of life, evil, death, and the end times, here are some answers! What about surviving troubled people, a troubled past, troubled times, or even a troubled church? God has an answer. Can God help you with family, or crises of faith? (Even Jesus had trouble with his family). How about failed love? Does God still love you when you fail? People carry a lot of guilt about these things. Here is a balanced, biblical and positive approach from a pastor\'s heart. One of these chapters may be God\'s answer for your crisis right now. Some of the issues may be difficult to face, but those who have survived have found that God is faithful. Life is a battle, but do not fear or be troubed, for the battle is God\'s (2 Chronicles 20:15).