Battle Over A Prince, The

by Anchor
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The Chronicles of Exmoor - Book Two Prince Reuben is kidnapped as a baby on the day of his dedication. His kidnapper is a person dressed in a black cloak. They both vanish, never to be seen again. Ten years later, the prince\'s ring is found and the Queen begins her search once again. Two street lads, Castor and Nicolas, find themselves on the run from Castor\'s master and Nicolas\' uncle. They join a circus in the hopes of escaping for good, but why are they being hunted? ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kliever is a home-schooled high school graduate who grew up on her family farm in Manitoba. Writing since the age of eleven, she has always loved creating stories and adventures for old and young alike. Kliever has written six books in The Chronicles of Exmoor series. Her love of writing keeps the ideas coming faster than she can write!