Battle Belongs To The Lord

by Anchor
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(Defeating life\'s struggles through worship)

There are many things in the world that threaten us. But often our biggest enemy is not \out there\ - it\'s \in here.\ In our hearts. In our minds. And we\'re in its grip of fear, struggling to get free but never completely winning.

To live in fear and anxiety is to live in constant torment, far removed from the victorious life that God wants to give you. How can you stop the patterns of destructive thinking? How can you break the strongholds of fear? You give your battles to the Lord. Let Him fight them for you.

With God there are no hopeless cases, and no situation is beyond His ability to deliver and redeem. Let Him strengthen and empower you to live in complete joy and peace, no matter what you\'re facing.

Discover how to:
*Tap into the power and presence of God through worship
*Turn your struggles over to Him for victory
*Confront and conquer fear and anxiety
*Release God\'s power to change your life