Bartholomew: Apostle And Visionary

by Anchor
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Surrounded on all sides by Islam and those who wish to squelch the Christian Church, the beloved Bartholomew continues to impact the world for Christ from his seat in Istanbul.Fall 2016 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the ministerial position of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. The Orthodox Church, that great beacon of the East, boasts 300 million members worldwide, and although by definition it does not have one single leader, Bartholomew is considered the “first among equals” of all Orthodox Primates. He is a strong, humble leader who is well-loved across many political and religious boundaries. This book will be the first to include not only a biography of this pastor, pioneer, and peacemaker but also important original contributions from famous world leaders and influencers, and religious leaders, as well as US and global politicians.