Barren Among The Fruitful (InScribed)

by Anchor
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The problem of infertility has reached epidemic levels in our society.?It is projected that 40% of women currently?25 and younger will have difficulty conceiving a child or reaching a live birth.?Amanda Hope Haley had married David, the man of her dreams, and earned a master?s degree from Harvard. She and David purchased their first home and settled down to start a family. All her hopes and dreams were coming true according to plan?until the family didn?t happen. After spending seven years begging God for a child, Amanda discovered that God gives only one hope: Jesus. Amanda having a baby wasn?t to be her happy ending. Finding wholeness by hoping only in God was her happy ending!Using Amanda?s personal stories, and the stories of other women who have struggled to have children, Barren Among the Fruitful?surrounds those women struggling with infertility or miscarriage with a sense of community while providing honest facts. It leads women from confusion to understanding. Each chapter is titled with a well-meaning, but sometimes thoughtless comments Amanda was offered during her seven-year struggle with infertility.?Features include:Personal stories from women who have struggled with infertility or miscarriageAn honest look at the problem of infertilityQuestions for individual thought or group discussion