Barefoot Tribe

by Anchor
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Written for the millennial generation, gathering the church around twelve key commitments to justice, sustainability, art, compassion, austerity, and a desire to make the world better by living out the love of Christ.

We are on the crest of an epic shift in humanity. As Jeremy Rifkin writes, “The Age of Reason is being eclipsed by the Age of Empathy.” The current millennial generation views the world as an extended family—increasingly interconnected through technology—and they live with a deep moral obligation to care for one another.

In The Barefoot Tribe, Palmer Chinchen issues a wake-up call to the church of today, highlighting this new wave of social justice leaders, who are not afraid to take action, take risks, and remake the world into one more like what Jesus had in mind.

Chinchen challenges the dispassion of the church of decades past, calling for one that does not withdraw into the safe confines of its sanctuary walls. Drawing on compelling stories from his life growing up in Liberia and various experiences from his own church, he maps out a new course that addresses the world\'s needs in a way that is outside the norm for many evangelicals.

Conversational, fresh, and accessible, The Barefoot Tribe invites readers to join others also seeking to live a life of meaning and purpose in this world made smaller by technology.

Because with the power of the tribe...we can make the world a better place.