Back To Being Sara

by Anchor
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For years, Sara Ryan wondered if there was more to life than worrying about the food she ate, the amount she exercised, and the size of jeans she wore. After her struggle with an eating disorder, Sara was freed from the dark, lonely place where she\'d been stuck and into God\'s marvelous light. In His own perfect time, the Lord lifted Sara out of despair and gave her strength to overcome her biggest fears: eating food and gaining weight. Throughout her healing and faith journey, she began to experience the love of her heavenly Father-something she desires for everyone.

In her book, \Back to Being Sara\, Sara shares her personal experiences-heartache to victory-with an eating disorder. She reminds those who struggle with food, exercise, and body image that there is Someone who understands and cares, that God uses the broken areas of people\'s lives to give them the opportunity to grow in faith.

Throughout Sara\'s story, she encourages those who struggle with an eating disorder to take the first step of obedience: following the Lord and trusting Him with their lives.

Will you, like Sara, begin to seek the Lord each day, put your faith in Him, and let Him transform your life?