Awakening Pure Worship

by Anchor
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Discover the true heart of worship.Jeff Deyo, formerly of the band SonicFlood, reveals what true worship really is—and what it is not!This is not just a book just for worship leaders; it’s a book for all believers seeking the heart of God for His children.Unfortunately, the enemy has deceived many Christians into equating an emotional experience in a supercharged church service with an actual encounter with God. Often, we find ourselves confusing the emotions that come with worship for the presence of God Himself.In His Word, God outlines the proper motivations as well as the correct approaches for worship. When we learn to recognize and reject modern-day idolatry and begin to seek God for who He truly is, we encounter the Presence of God in a new and life-changing way.Readers of Pure Worship will discover…Clarity on the difference between musical worship and lifestyle worshipThe true definition of God’s presencePractical guidance on how to connect with God through song, reading the Word, and prayerIt’s time to dive deep into worship and learn what it means to have an authentic encounter with God Himself—in the church and in the secret place.