by Anchor
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Many people are shocked when God starts to show them that He doesn\'t like \ eligion\ and has so much more for them. He invites us to turn from \hollow religion\ and encounter Him in heavenly relationship. Many are hearing that invite. This book attempts to provide a biblical foundation for the adventure on which so many hearts have already embarked. Why is such a book necessary? Many in the Church have been rendered powerless as a result of opting for hollow religion. God wants to awaken His Church to the fullness of what it means to live as citizens of the Kingdom. God wants to radically restore our relationship with Jesus. \Richard has lived this message and it has cost him to do so. I pay attention to people like that. I love the Church more because of this book and I pray it has the same effect on you.\ MIRIAM SWAFFIELD, Communicator, Student Mission Leader, FUSION UK.

Richard has masses of wisdom, experience and insight to bring to the Church today. In this book he unpacks an important area of ministry.\ MARK TANNER, Principal, Cranmer Hall Theological College.