Autumn Is For Apple Pie (Tales Of Buttercup Grove)

by Anchor
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Friendship Makes Fall Special Skunk has been waiting all summer long to harvest the fruit from his apple tree. Finally, fall is here and the fruit is ready. Skunk invites his friend Raccoon over to help him make a delicious apple pie. On his way to Skunk\'\'s house, Raccoon runs into several of his friends. It seems everyone in Buttercup Grove is having a bad day. But Raccoon has the recipe to turn his friends\'\' frowns upside down by inviting them to join him at Skunk\'\'s house. Each friend volunteers to bring a different ingredient to the apple pie party. Skunk and Raccoon\'\'s woodland pals learn that sometimes all you need to make a bad day better is the kindness of good friends and plenty of homemade apple pie! *** The Tales of Buttercup Grove series introduces young readers, ages 4-8, to the many fun adventures of Skunk, Raccoon, and the rest of their woodland friends, teaching timeless Christian values along the way.