Autobiography Of Charles Finney (Revised)

by Anchor
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Here is a new compact edition of the life story of America¿s foremost evangelist.

Helen Wessel has done several things to make this classic more readable:

Omitted the repetitious accounts of virtually identical revivals

Updated many of the antiquated terms used in the original narrative

Shortened the sentences

Modernized the punctuation

Retained the core of the amazing narrative

Made the principles of revival more easily discernible by the deletion of superfluous materials

Shortened the entire book substantially

At a time when there is widespread concern about a new spiritual awakening, this edition of America¿s foremost \expert\ on revival will be of great interest to a concerned church.

Charles Grandison Finney was an American lawyer living between 1792 and 1875. He experienced a decisive conversion near a little village in New York. This work of grace in his heart was immediately evident. Sinners, under his influence, began to be converted at once. He became the most effective evangelist America has ever seen. Over half a million people were converted under his ministry¿in an age when there were no amplifiers or mass communications. He spearheaded a revival in America which literally altered the course of our national history.

The principles he discovered concerning the principles of revival have been preserved and utilized by evangelists and missionaries alike through the