Audiobook-Secret Place (7 CD)

by Anchor
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\I have often said that there are two passions in my spirit. One is for the unity of the body. The other is a passion for God\'s presence. This is a \'presence\' book. You can almost smell the smoke of the incense from inside the Holy Place when you read this.\

—Tommy Tenney, author, The God Chasers

The best-selling book The Secret Place is now available in this unabridged audiobook edition, narrated by the author. Experience the passion and emotion of Dale A. Fife as he takes you on an incredible journey into the Secret Place, where God\'s presence is close and intimate and where you can share in the wonders of His glory.

If you yearn to know your heavenly Father in a deeper way, if you desire revelation and passionate encounters with the Almighty, this book is for you.

As you discover the way into the presence of God, The Secret Place will draw you in and change your life.