Audiobook-Audio CD-Disrupt-It-Yourself (Jan 2019)

by Anchor
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Bestselling author and renowned innovation expert Simone Ahuja reveals the secret to winning in a \disrupt or be disrupted\ market: innovate from within.

Today, driving innovation from within an organization is the single most important factor for a company\'s success. In Disrupt-It-Yourself, Simone Ahuja delivers a clear and practical playbook for harnessing and cultivating this essential practice of \intrapreneurship.\ Based on hundreds of interviews as well as on her consulting work in Fortune 500 companies, Ahuja describes the competencies of successful intrapreneurs, and how they must be supported–before they leave. At the core of Disrupt-It-Yourself are seven ready-to-implement principles to build, support, and sustain effective intrapreneurship–from \Keep it Frugal\ to \Make It Permission-less\\u2013along with clear metrics that will make innovating from within sustainable.

Through a combination of clear prescription and engaging anecdotes, Disrupt-It-Yourself offers practical lessons to leaders and managers in business, nonprofits, and government. By providing readers with a new lens for innovation and leadership, this revolutionary new book helps companies and organizations become more fast, fluid–and frugal than ever before.