Audio CD-You Are More (Strict Street Date April 30, 2021)

by Anchor
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You Are More - every shape, every shade, you are wonderfully made. When the world seems to focus on our differences, Tiffany Coburn is choosing to look at what makes us the same: we were all created in the image of God. It doesn?t matter what you look like, where you?ve been, or what you?ve done, you are made in His likeness and are deserving of grace, mercy, and forgiveness. These themes of grace weave a tapestry throughout every song on the recording You Are More. The explanation, according to Tiffany, is that God knows we all need to give and receive grace.TRACK LISTING: (not final sequence)1. Let Your Light So Shine2. Matchless3. Nobody Knows Better Than Me4. Roll Back River5. Then There?s Grace6. What If It?s Us7. When I Let It Go