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A crumbling economy, wars without end, new health risks, security threats, and more. The media gives us a constant stream of reasons to be afraid. But what if God’s people shined a light of eternal hope right into the face of this world’s temporary circumstances?

That’s the compelling idea behind Fearless, the tenth studio album from one of today’s most respected Christian vocal groups, Phillips, Craig & Dean. Uniquely gifted and positioned in their dual roles as musicians and full-time senior pastors in three different U.S. cities, Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig and Dan Dean know well the current struggles people face and are boldly taking the opportunity to respond to them in life and song.

Known for such classics as \Friend of God\ and \You Are God Alone,\ worship veterans Phillips, Craig and Dean\'s new CD showcases the heart and innovative performance that have made PC&D household favorites and a standard in churches far and wide. Showcasing the current radio chart-climber \Revelation Song,\ Fearless offers new melodies that are instantly sing-able and soul inspiring.

1. Counting On God

2. From The Inside Out

3. Revelation Song

4. The Distance

5. When Grace Walks In

6. Spirit of God Is Here

7. Nothing To Prove

8. Let God Be God

9. Great Are You Lord

10. Name Above All Names