Audio CD-Adventures In Odyssey V42: No Way Out (4CD)

by Anchor
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Things are getting back to normal here in Odyssey. Or are they? Bernard tells a story about his meeting with a reluctant angel, the goofy Wooton has to impersonate his bad-tempered brother for a business meeting, and Whit finds himself trapped in a room without doors! Getting back to normal? That\'s as normal as things ever get here in Odyssey. Volume 42 contains the following episodes (and themes): Living in the Gray 1 & 2 (God\'s unconditional love) Stubborn Streaks (Admitting you\'re wrong) Called On in Class (Fear) The Girl in the Sink (Being used by God) Bernard and Saul (Jealousy) Eggshells (Supporting your friends) Nothing But the Half Truth (Honesty) Split Ends (Reconciliation) Something\'s Got to Change (Sacrifice) No Way Out--No Way In (Love casts out fear)