Audio CD-A Song To Remind You (Strict Street Date - April 3, 2020)

by Anchor
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As one of the top selling Southern Gospel artists of all time, The Steeles are known for their soul-stirring lyrics and presentation. Jeff & Sherry Steele came off the road to raise their children, but they\'ve never stopped making music. In fact, their most recent single was the #1 song of the year (2019) for the Singing News Magazine. The Steeles have one focus: leading others to Christ. For the last several years, that has meant leading a church in Culman, AL and performing a few dates a year. But now they are back as an all-family group (a true rarity these days) and they are focusing on the next generation. Leading this is Jeff & Sherry\'s son, Brad, who is a true artist in his own rite. This is the project fans have been waiting for - A Song to Remind You of the goodness and grace of our loving God.1. A Song To Remind You 2. Faithful Once Again 3. Glory 4. The God I Know 5. The Journey6. This Is The Church7. What If Jesus