At Home In Your Heart

by Anchor
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Where do you live?truly live? You may have a street address. You may think of your childhood home. But your real home, this side of heaven, is your heart. Your heart is home to your soul and your emotions as well as your thought life. Your attitudes, habits, and dreams are found there.At Home in Your Heart: Inviting Christ into Every Room is written for women of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life. Each day in this ninety-day devotional by Carol Burton McLeod includes an essay on the thought for the day, a heart inspection, prayer, and words from Scripture. Topics include: Is Anybody Home?; A Knock at the Door; Fingerprints; My Heart, His Home!; A Lavish Banquet of Love; Dust Bunnies; A Magnifying Glass; Leave the Light On; and many more, all offered with Carol\'s characteristic humor, love, and affection. If you are a Christian, Jesus lives in your heart with you, no matter what condition it?s in. If there are problems, however, He wants to clean until His hands bleed. Carol invites you to walk through the rooms of your heart to identify the issues that Christ is shining His light on. ?Jesus wants to paint your heart the color of white snow,? she says. ?He will gently move around priorities, set things out for the trash man, and replace every outdated attitude with His unconditional love and inexpressible joy. He can take a home that has been literally demolished by the storms of life and rebuild it into a palace fit for a king.?