Assignment Code 110

by Anchor
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\Angels in Heaven are prepared for their upcoming assignment. They are told only basic facts about their next ward. They must battle dark forces and reinforcements have to be brought in to assist their descent to the home to which they are assigned. Once through the demonic barrier, they meet their ward, Sarah. She is a young child, only three and a half. It is immediately clear that forces are at work to destroy her.Sarah has been dealt a bitter blow. Her younger brother has died and her mother seems to have forgotten that she has another child. Sarah is left to deal with her grief alone. In the years that follow, one hurtful thing after another creeps up to add to her memory bank of rejection. Her mother seems incapable of showing her love.But Heaven is very involved in Sarah’s life. Her guardian angels, Watchful, Joyful, Rachel and Leah, are always at her side. They orchestrate her protection, direction and joy, when life is nearly unbearable.Assignment Code 110 takes you on a journey of discovering how Heaven and the angels are working for us and how the events on earth are all intricately connected. God the Father is completely aware of Sarah’s difficulties and has made perfect provision for her. Sarah discovers a secret, exposed by a messenger angel, which explains the reason for the rejection that has clung to her life. Only after this discovery is she able to begin the road to healing and wholeness.\