As It Was in the Beginning...So Shall It Be

by Anchor
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Have you ever wondered about life and all its intricacies? Why are we here on planet earth? What\'s out there in deep dark space? Since time began, man has tried to explain the known world. Study and research have revealed many truths about the world, but many questions haven\'t yet been answered.

While many Christians enjoy documentaries that ponder the many ways we may have \gotten here\-from the theory that alien transports dropped us off to the idea of a cosmic slime pit which one day came to life-the only authority we have as Born-Again followers of Jesus Christ is the Book of Genesis. Only God\'s inspired word, the Holy Bible, can answer the many questions at hand.

In this book, we will journey into the heart and mind of our incredible Creator to learn the reason and purpose for our existence. Every created being will be considered, from the angels and lucifer to Adam and Eve and their eventual fall into sin. We will also contemplate God\'s masterful plan for the salvation of mankind and explore what we should expect from life after death.