As Far Back As I Can Remember

by Anchor
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Anna Diener Yoder was born into an Amish home in Southern Illinois. She grew up in Western Pennsylvania with her parents and her four siblings. German was spoken in the home and she could not speak nor understand English until after she entered school. This is her second self-published work, following I Love My Grampa, But... Anna does not write fiction, but straight from the heart. \As Far Back As I can Remember\ is a collection of writings that chronicles her developing hunger and thirst for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Creator.

Born in 1936 at the height of the Great Depression, Yoder gives readers a glimpse into the life of her younger self--a shy, little girl who learned to value the simplicity and clairity of her Amish upbringing in Illinois and Pennsylvania. More than anything, As Far Back As I Can Remember is a gift given freely to Anna\'s family and friends. Through her narrative and poetic musings about the remembered past--a period known for its emphasis of family values and devotion, as well as neighbourly support--she gives the rest of us a blueprint for building community.