Arms Of Love (Amish Beginning Novel)

by Anchor
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At last-the story of when the Amish first came to America.Northern Pennsylvania, 1777.Adam Wyse is Amish and no patriot, or so the core of his faith decrees. Yet two wars ravage his heart-the longing for the love of young Lena Yoder and the burning desire to defend the country that brought his religious freedom.When Lena\'s father is imprisoned for being a conscientious objector, Lena is left to raise her two siblings alone. She finds herself imprisoned between her beliefs and her attraction to the rebellious Adam-especially when Adam\'s older brother, Isaac, presents the opportunity for Lena to regain a sense of balance and rightness with the Lord.How will Derr Herr nurture these two strong hearts into a peace that is \ ot as the world gives\ and bring their love to triumph over all?