Approaching Judgment: The Path To Armageddon

by Anchor
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The author states, \The whole purpose of this book is to ask: What did John really say in the Book of Revelation? Let\'s cut out all the misinterpretations caused by human supposition and intuition based wrongly on passing current events and sensationalism and just ask what John\'s original text means?\ God wants us to understand the Book of the Revelation. The word \ evelation\ connotes revealing rather than concealing. In a clear, logical way, David Womack explains the symbols within the Book of Revelation with a minimum of speculation about them. The writing is clear, and it follows the Book of Revelation step by step through each chapter. At the end of each chapter in Approaching Judgment there is a summary that reinforces the main points covered. This book provides the reader with a well-documented look at one of the most complex books in the Bible. Editor L. Edward Hazelbaker writes, \David Womack passed from this life and to his eternal reward before this book found its way to a publisher. God sustained David throughout the process of writing this book, and in the final analysis both his prayers and those of his many brothers and sisters in Christ were answered. David\'s final book-his final written statement of faith-has been sent out for ministry, and his healing has been absolutely complete.\