Apostolic And Prophetic Foundation

by Anchor
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For the past 40+ years of the Charismatic renewal, many churches and ministries have been established in the name of the Lord. Some of these have passed the test of time, but much of what has been built has been unto man, not unto God. In The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation, Donald Rumble unveils a picture and a plan for building upon the one true foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking at the necessary functions of apostles, prophets, and elders, Rumble explores how these ministries can properly serve by Gods ability to build every believer into a Holy dwelling place. The Lord desires to raise up an accurate, unique corporate expression of Himself. For this task, He must bring forth a people who are wholly dependant on Him.

The Apostolic and Prophetic Foundation is a clarion call for leaders to reexamine their place in Gods building process. It truly is time for us to give the Lord back His church!